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Snow and Ice-melt System

Snow and Ice melt system

Take winter without a single grain of salt.

A world leader in hydronic radiant heating systems, Roth Industries offers a unique way to clear snow and ice: The ROTH Snow and Ice-melt System. This hot new concept means that you can install the latest, most effective heating system in the world, with our guarantee of superior technology combined with innovative design and highest-quality materials.


The Snow and Ice-Melt System essentially works similarly to the Roth Radiant Heating System, by circulating a warm non-toxic anti-freeze mixture through PEX tubing. The latter can be installed with either cement, asphalt o bricks. These materials are heated by the tubing, and any snow or ice on their surface will be melted. Roth Snow and Ice-Melt System may be operated automatically or manually.


Roth's success is the result of product flexibility, targeted investments and theme-oriented solutions. Our growth stems from continuous research and the development of new and innovative products. The keys to our success in manufacturing include know-how, modern production sites and equipment, the very latest production technologies, and highly motivated personnel.




Get ready to give winter the cold shoulder.

  • Safe, and Reduce Potential Liability
    Keeping your home or your business entranceways free and clear of potentially hazardous snow and ice, Roth systems are synonymous with safety, for you, for your family or for your customer. Give yourself peace of mind, and give the cold shoulder to any potential liability arising from winter's slip-and fall accidents.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Roth Pex-C tubing is made of state-of-the-art non-toxic materials, and we recommend the useof a non-toxic polypropylene glycol solution as a fluid. And with less wear and tear on flooring occurring from bothersome salt or sand underfoot, your home and work environments will be all the more welcoming.
  • Practical
    Maintenance and worry-free, a Roth system means you'll never again have to plow and shovel snow, or clear troublesome ice from walkways, driveways and steps. Always ready to work, whether you are or not, Roth systems are THE practical way to prevent snow and ice from accumulating. The time savings are tremendous, the gains in personal freedom incomparable.
  • Efficient
    Effectively eliminating contractor-driven snow clearance from the picture, the Roth system puts cost control back in your hands; at the same time keeping your cement, asphalt, pavers, stones or colored-concrete entranceway surfaces looking like new. Say goodbye to unpleasant melting agents and reap quantitative benefits from highly efficient snow and ice removal.
  • The Ultimate in Design
    Roth ensures you receive the maximum benefits from state-of-the-art computer-generated snow and ice-melt system design. Our leadership experience in an extensive range of system applications worldwide reflects a commitment to applying the ultimate in snow and ice-melting technology–backed by leading-edge software–to respond to our customers' needs.


Snowmelt Cross-section

Cross-section of a typical Roth Snow and Ice-Melt System.

Cross section of a typical snow and ice melt system

* Brick and Asphalt surfaces can also be used with some modifications.


It is easy to install.

Professional support from planning through design and installation. ROTH can assist your heating professional with the design of your system, including heat-loss calculation, for optimum and efficient performance of your Snow and Ice-melt System. Using leading-edge software programs, Roth's design and technical support team will help guide your installer through every aspect of the project. Roth-trained installers will receive ongoing support throughout the installation, including easy-to-follow installation manuals.



Roth has all fittings and tools available that the professional installer needs to complete the job.

Below are some of our accessories. Please refer to the Radiant Product Catalog for all of our accessories and parts.

Automatic Snowmelt Control Automatic Snowmelt Control T664
One Stage Set-Point Control T-150
Hydronic System Control Hydronic System Control 1050





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