Roth North America: HelioStar (Flat Plate Collector)

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Solar Panel HelioStar

Flat Panel Solar Collector HelioStar

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. The solar radiation on the globe for one hour would be enough to meet the annual worldwide energy demands! A solar heating system saves energy, reduces utility costs and produces clean energy. Solar Systems from Roth are complete, high-performance, reliable systems.


Roth Solar Flat Panel HelioStar 252

  • Extremely stressable, unbreakable polycarbonate case (high impact, temperature, wind and long-term, absolute UV-resistant), light weight, no leakage due to construction (one seamless piece), permanently corrosion resistant
  • High selectively coated full area absorber guarantees highest performance, perfect connection of the pipes to the absorber plate
  • Thick walled polycarbonate case, back wall insulation 60 mm
  • Low-iron, double sealed solar safety glass
  • Rounded case form without edges, dark color for appearance
  • Low weight, easy installation with few tools, optimal stability, attachment system not visible, installation friendly accessories
  • On-roof, free standing installation or installed on facades
  • 10 year Roth system guarantee
  • Collector yield annually 166,467 BTU/ft2 an.

Roth Solar Flat Panel HelioStar 252
Length: 82.68"
Width: 47.24"
Height: 4.29"
Gross Surface Area: 27.13 ft3
Weight: 94.79 lbs.

Roth Solar Station

Roth Solar Station

  • All materials used have been specially tested for solar installation
  • Individual connections for 18 and 22 mm copper and precision steel pipes possible


Roth Solar Controls

Roth regulation units BW (domestic water), BW/H (domestic water and heating) and BW/H Comfort

  • Multifunctional and efficient regulation
  • Simple control elements, large display
  • BW has one output (1x speed controlled) and 4 temperature sensors
  • BW/H has two outputs (1x speed controlled, 1x on/off), 4 sensors and 1 impulse input for measuring quantity of heat
  • BW/H Comfort has 12 sensor inputs (incl. 2 impulse inputs for measuring quantity of heat), 1 input for optional sun sensor and 9 relay outputs (4 standard, 4 solid state relays for speed control and 1 potential-free relay)

Roth Solar Water Storage Tank

Roth Storage Tank

  • 80 and 119 gallon, steel exterior with powder coat finish, internal coil heat with 4500W supplemental electric heating element and second coil heat exchanger.